Liberty Ballad, 2012

Or, Showdown at Voter’s Booth

(to the tune of Liberty Valance)

When Willard Mitt Romney rides to town, the womenfolk will hide, they’ll hide
When Willard Mitt Romney walks around, some menfolk will abide
’cause the almighty buck is the only law, that Willard’s understood
When he’s lootin’ companies straight ‘n fast–he is mighty good.

From out the East Wing a “stranger’s” come, a law book in his hand, a man
The kind of a man America still needs, to tame these troubled lands
’cause the almighty buck is the only law, that Willard’s understood
When he’s lootin’ companies straight ‘n fast—he is mighty good.

Many a face does this man show, and many a wasted vote will fall
The man who’s fought Willard Mitt Romney, he’s fought, GOP‘s men ‘n dark money
He is the bravest, most honest of ’em all.

A taste of Liberty make’s a man stay on, even when he should go, stay on
America’s tryin’ for a peaceful world; so she is free to grow
But the almighty buck is the only law, that Willard’s understood
When the election show down comes at last, just a law book is no good.

Alone and afraid half America prays for ballots to return each one, on a fateful day
’cause of what liberty stands for both men fight, they’ll get out the vote
From the moment when America became full-grown, the very first thing she learned
When two men face off in the voters’ booth, only one wins the retur-r-r-ns

Everyone’ll hear the ballots ring out, voters’ll see Willard fail
The man who’s fought Willard Mitt Romney, he’s fought GOP’s men ‘n dark money
He is the bravest, most honest of ’em all.

The man who’s fought Willard Mitt Romney, he’s fought GOP’s men ‘n dark money
He is the bravest, most honest of ’em all.

Entrust your vote to

Barack Obama / Joe Biden 2012
Move America Forward

Pres. Barack Obama at Foreign Policy Debate

Its the dishonesty, stupid!

At the Debates. Romney: I think Obama will lie. Sketch by Paul Stewart II

Mitt is totally independent. He was born himself; nursed himself, and never inherited a thing. Not even his genes. Maybe his jeans, that’s all. He actually built himself; out of ear wax and army surplus digital parts. Only thing missing is a heart, and a clear connection from his tongue to his brain. But hey, he’s self-made so he’s better than all the rest.

Romney is good at numbers, but not at people things. Sometimes he is confused – “people are corporations too!” for example. Its okay though, Mitt’s been successful as a corporate raider. So many corporations, so many people too, have been raided. So to Mitt it seems people and corporations are all the same. If you don’t need them, after their valuables have been drained, well; throw them out, let them go bankrupt or better yet, both! Show them who is the successful one!

Mitt is also not too good at saying what he is supposed to say; not at first. No internal processor at his core telling him when he gets out-of-bounds. After he’s said the wrong thing a few times, and he gets some vociferous, helpful feedback, he learns what to say though. Even if he still doesn’t quite say what he should, he stops saying what he shouldn’t.

Fortunately, his strength is in giving No Apologies. Not one! Never! Even if he is wrong; especially if he is wrong. Mitt knows only how to double down. It’s like a game to him. If you apologize, you lose.

Further, its hard because Mitt wouldn’t know an apology if it punched him in the nose. Umh.., well, I guess that’s not actually good, but its manly and tough. Unfortunately right now though, it is causing his campaign to fall down.

Mitt says his campaign is now about 100% of Americans; not exclusive of that 47% mentioned in that now infamous comment; or rather in that long-winded rant; which went on giving chapter and verse on dependency. Now that he has made the 100% of Americans clear, simply by saying it, we can be sure that it is true! It does not matter that it is 100% opposite to what he so passionately said before to his peers.

Yes Mitt’s campaign is about everyone: the good, the bad and the ugly! Even you! Maybe Barack too; if he would just provide his college transcript. Mitt’s campaign now officially includes everyone retroactively to the beginning of time; at least as far as the creation, but not the Big Bang. Just to make you feel how honest and sincere is this change for you going back its now permanent, although going forward……

It is certain that Mitt, as President will formulate manifestly appropriate provisions for the bad 47% along with the good guys like him in the 1%. And his policies will reflect his real thinking. Or whatever thinking he ends up with after a few false starts stating what he really thinks. Although at that point, as President, Mitt can stick more to what he really believes, if we only knew what it was…..

Seriously though, its okay! Mitt is just a misunderstood comedian. This has all been a joke; we have been “pranked”. It’s all in fun, it’s just a hair cut. Ann has told us before he is a bit of a prankster and likes to have fun with people. He really does intend to look after 100% of Americans. Maybe some just a little bit differently from others. But every single one.

You can trust Mitt! Ann has told us that too! And besides, he’s been open and shared everything with us; even one year of his “low tax” returns….. Mitt is so happy it was not a zero tax year, or he’d be in the 47% too; and deriding himself. That wouldn’t be funny; being lumped in with those um, low life people.

So don’t worry; be happy. Vote Mitt! He will be a sensational President. He Believes in America. No one it seems has even pointed out the best sign of his great qualifications! He is W. Mitt Romney. Another W.! Not just in substance but in name too!

So he is a sure-fire President. A safe bet indeed! It seems he will:

  1. inflame the Middle East; he’s already got the embers going, just look at his foreign tour, and the latest comments about how he will bring peace there;
  2. dismantle America’s safety net; who needs the meek and the weak? Let them inherit nothing too, and why not accelerate their decline (Mitt says let’s keep that our little secret; just like the tax returns, until say November 8th or perhaps 9th. No telling now ya hear?); and
  3. speed up the redistribution of all wealth to the rightful 1%.

Indeed on this last point, as President, Mitt will light a bonfire of opportunity for… well… for the 1%! Starting with himself and his family, and all of his friends. He has plans to put much of it in his blind trust where it can’t be seen.

The best part is the trickle down to you, the 52%, or is it the 99%; at least, the part of the trickle that doesn’t evaporate in the heat of the 1%’s success…..

And of course, after the 100% campaign, Pres. Romney will be true to his word; which ever one it is that he then decides he really meant. No risk for you there though….. we do know what he means.  Right?

What does Mitt really believe? It seems that he is in the Wonderland that Paul Ryan built on fictional works of Ayn Rand, along with Alice and Mad Dirty Harry. Will Americans see the truth and leave Mitt there?

Bill Clinton’s DNC speech triggers revisit of “insanity”; Romney believes.

Comments Thursday night by Pres. Bill Clinton in Charlotte, N.C. have triggered a search for a new definition of insanity. Political insanity at least. Indeed, multiple definitions are emerging. Comments made by Pres. Clinton have crystallized the basis for a new definition.

To paraphrase Pres. Clinton, he basically said, Pres. George W. Bush and the Republicans gave Obama a financial and economic Armageddon just days before handing Obama the reigns. Yet now, Gov. Mitt Romney and the Republicans want Americans to fire Obama and hire them back! The logic? Obama is not cleaning up their mess fast enough!

Republicans have long been publicly declaring their visceral dislike of the President. Also, that their prime focus and number one goal is removing Obama from office. This goal’s battle plan includes thwarting all Obama’s economic moves to deliver America to a full recovery and renewed prosperity. It has been noted to Republicans that the shackling of Obama’s efforts, are at the cost of the American people and economy.

No embarrassment or twangs of guilt have been expressed however. Perhaps Republicans feel this cost for Americans is the price of admission to the show they have put on. Indeed they feel it has been an impressive and worthy show. Americans have witnessed challenging, almost magical ideological and verbal contortions. There has been Olympian flip-flopping, double speaking and some mild fibbing.

Obviously, the right thing for the Republicans to do is work with their President in these nearly unprecedented times. Had they done so, I believe many millions of Mitt’s promised jobs could already be counted on the recovery score board. And one of them might already have been yours! Yet, instead of helping Pres. Obama, when he repeatedly asked, they said “You do that! That’s not our job!”

Mitt today was lamenting the August jobs report, which is an increase in jobs, however, as Pres. Obama has said, this is not enough; more must be done. However, as Bill Clinton so eloquently and forcefully explained, in any discussion of the unemployment rate, and job losses, you have to start from America losing 750,000 (yes, 750 thousand – you read that right) jobs per month during the first 18 months of Obama’s term.

By the 19th month, Obama managed to put a floor under the free fall. However, the financial & economic collapse carpet bombed 4.5 million jobs out of the economy. In the 29 months since the floor, Obama’s efforts show consistent, albeit not rapid, recovery. Nearly all those lost jobs are now recovered. This is not a bad thing, even if it is less than desired. And, those jobs originally were not lost by Obama. Mitt and the Republicans don’t believe they were, but they would like you to.

So, what is the new definition of insanity?

  1. Believing Republicans are helping Pres. Obama with getting America’s recovery going?
  2. Believing Republican shape shifting ideology trumps progress through working together?
  3. Believing Obama should own Bush et al’s Armageddon; all 4.5 million bombed out jobs?
  4. Believing Republican propaganda that Obama failed and is the problem; whereas Mitt, and the Republicans, are a solution?
  5. Believing Obama is incompetent because he can’t handle the Armageddon in a timely manner? Republicans are more quickly able to handle their own Armageddon?
  6. Believing Obama is too slow with job creation; because if Republicans can lose jobs at 750 thousand per month, Obama is a lesser being because he is only able to recover them much slower?
  7. Believing you can stock pile thwarted jobs for after an election?
  8. Believing that Mitt Believes in America?
  9. Believing in the Republican’s alternate reality and history. And that that single set of foot prints can only be your own; all as illustrated by the remaining set of footprints at the RNC?

Or is it all of the above? You decide!

I would love to hear if you believe you have a better definition of insanity. Please share it in the comments section below.

If you are grounded in facts and reality, then no matter where in the world you are, when you look up – you will see Obama’s vision, strength and leadership…

Obama believes in America, does Romney? Or is Mitt really just becoming the new definition of “pirate”?

I feel a new opinion piece coming on…… stay tuned…


After the RNC in Tampa, only a single set of footprints remains

The Republicans wrapped up their convention in Tampa last Thursday. It was an impressively successful exercise in alternate reality. Indeed, it often seemed like “Alice in Wonderland.” Let me explain.

The beautiful Ann Romney as Alice; Clint Eastwood as an Albert Einstein-inspired Mad Hatter; former Massachusetts governor and GOP nominee Mitt Romney, with his incessantly cocked head and deceitful grin, as the Cheshire Cat; Paul Ryan, with his fictional Ayn Rand principles and his fact-check fails on Obama’s views, proposals and policies, as the wonderland itself.

Mitt and Paul also divined, especially for the GOP Fantasy Convention, an alternate history of America’s arrival here. The convention featured, courtesy of Mad Harry, a discussion with President Obama, who was “present” but not as an African American, but rather as a colorless man, or, I guess, an apparition.

What a show it was! It underscores the dysfunctional political three-ring circus that is “modern” America. I think such politics have raised the steep hurdles America and indeed as collateral damage, the global community faces too. What is at the core of this Wonderland, you ask? Well, it is the notion that President Obama is somehow an empty suit, or as Mad Harry illustrated in his circus like presentation, an empty seat at Mad Harry’s Tea Party.

It is the notion that the president of the United States has been AWOL from day one. Despite probably being a nice guy, he is incompetent, in over his head and incapable. You know, that despite all the prayers, blessings and support of the GOP, Obama is failing America. Somehow, the President should just step aside, accept his fate, and let a real man take over. Or is it a real corporation? In the form of Mitt Romney & Co. Sure, Obama inherited a bit of a tough situation from that other guy whose name shall never again cross our lips in public, but hey; that was then and this is now!

Well, let truth ring throughout the land! This situation America faces is like no other. Not even the Great Depression. While the Depression was economically worse, the 2008 meltdown and current long slow recovery is nearly as bad. And it is I believe, actually worse in terms of the politics, given the GOP war on all things Obama. Let’s apply the salve of truth to heal the wounds, to climb back up and out of the Rabbit Hole, or Romney Hood, or whatever…. and restore America and the American Dream……

The truth is that George W. Bush handed President Obama a colossal, intractable mess. It was borne of two fundamental things that Bush did as president. First, he set America on her Titanic course. He fundamentally altered the annual U.S. budget situation – taking a yearly income that was reducing America’s borrowing and turning it into a massive annual loss, thereby dramatically ramping up borrowing. He did that within his first two years in office. He did it by altering both sides of the budget equation – he enacted huge tax cuts, and also large entitlement and war spending increases. Less income, more expense.

This Titanic course, or perhaps more a Titanic curse – he cast in stone. The political challenges of reversing it are nearly impossible to meet. It requires either raising taxes or cutting spending on valued programs, and more likely both. Further, it is stymied by the new politics of filibustering and other obstructionist tactics by the minority against the majority – what I would call the anti-democracy.

The second thing Bush did is enable the engineering and installation of WMD in America’s financial system. For example, he enabled NINJA , or no-income, no-job mortgages and loans. And the creation and sale of trillions of dollars of mortgage and loan packages that were seeded with these toxic bad loans and related derivatives. These NINJA loans were thereby multiplied more than tenfold. And these economic WMD were duly set off just as Bush left office.

The impact, as we are all painfully aware, was near collapse of America’s and, by extension, the developed world’s, financial systems, along with George Bush’s ensuing America-led global recession. Like the Titanic rapidly taking on water and listing, America lost jobs at a rate of some 750,000 each month! And like the Titanic‘s iron hull colliding with the iceberg, the financial meltdown was especially damaging in a way that a typical business cycle recession is not. It was actually catastrophic. One of the main tools for dealing with a typical recession is the financial system. America’s confidence and the restorative leverage available from this tool, was not only damaged, it was very nearly destroyed.

Yet, the TARP program and Obama’s stimulus ended that dramatic death spiral in some 18 months. Unfortunately, this inflicted on America the painful loss of some 4 million jobs. And it robbed America of the principle tools needed for her recovery, such as a strong financial system and fiscal situation. If there is a president to fault, that absolutely is Bush’ fault. We all know that.

In the following two years Obama plugged the gaping hole in America’s hull. The stimulus, health care and other policies Obama has managed to get done have nearly recovered the 4 million lost jobs. The ship is nearly righted. Now, as President Obama has said that is hardly enough, and he is working to get much more done. I would say, given this full context, that it is hardly nothing, either.

The incredible thing is that Obama has walked pretty much alone here – ironically, a bit like the characters from Clint’s movies. Congressional leaders have failed him. Perhaps rather, they decided to be unhelpful in what they still think is a clever sort of way. The GOP’s war on Obama is effective given the tyranny possible by minority party filibustering and other blocking maneuverings. The GOP; the Party of anti-democracy in America.

This is no hypothesis or fantasy; it is fact. GOP leaders are candid, vocal and clear about this war. They are on record. It is their intention to stop Obama and what that has meant is slowing or even stopping America’s recovery. This, in hopes of – wait for it…. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and others being able to say what they said in Wonderland Tampa. Somehow its all President Obama’s fault. Mitt’s speech was, more or less, written in December of 2008, together with the GOP game plan to make it so Obama couldn’t build that recovery.

Its like the footprints in the sand…… you know, the parable, but paraphrased a bit. Looking back, Mitt and the Republicans see just one set of footprints in the sand where they were walking and Obama was trying to work together with them.

Mitt and the GOP look back and point to the one set of footprints, knowing full well whose they are. And, they cry “Mr. President, you have failed us! You have not led, and were not even at our side during our time of need! You are not capable of helping!”

Yet, in truth, we know those are Obama’s footprints. This whole time calmly carrying all Americans forward to a better future…..

What’s Romney’s vision? The skull & bones?

Personally, I think Gov. Mitt Romney might still be involved in Bain. It is clear he was involved well beyond 1999. He owned the company at least into 2002 sometime, perhaps longer. He took such a huge part of it with him in his eventual “retroactive retirement package”, that he must still have interest in it today. We may never know for sure …

I can’t fathom Mitt’s interest in the Presidency. Its not obvious that he has a real vision for America. The jobs mantra is a no brainer, everyone knows that is what is needed. Mitt assumes the masses can be bought with that one promise. From what I can make of it so far, his interest is more about greater fortunes for him and for his friends and his Church. All at your expense and the expense of the majority of Americans.

Once he and the super wealthy 500 have cornered most of America’s money, they can decide how to trickle a bit of it down. More efficient than everyone having a fair chance for themselves and it can be done in a more morally “correct” manner.

Truth is, Mitt is not the right man for the Presidency. He is not even a business man as he advertises. He is actually a pirate, dressed in a business suit! He started Bain Capital and he led the busting and looting of the treasuries of umpteen hundreds or even thousands of companies. Draining their cash and dumping their humans into the street. And he’s buried all the treasure in the Caribbean. Under the Romney skull and bones, except – them’s your bones!

And then of course, tax piracy tactics. Romney and Bain are the bane of the IRS and the American fiscal situation. If the money is in the Caribbean, it might as well not exist for America. This reflects on Romney’s character in two ways. First, it tells us again how ruthless are his ways achieving his own interests. Second, it tells us he is not a risk taker / job creator and he does not Believe in America. Otherwise, he would share his tax returns to show he paid his full fair share and he would put his money where his mouth is and invest his hundreds of millions in America. Maybe even in GM @ Janesville.

Rep. Paul Ryan is his “Lyin’” ideologist (“idiotologist?”) with the enabling idiotology to do more of this on a much larger scale. His philosophy and policies are, as we all know, based on the fictional works of Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged. These are simply not true; not even possible, but hey – it helps to support the greater narrative! Aside from growing their noses, this will also grow Mitt’s and Ryan’s immense wealth, principally by eating more of America’s lunch. And the GOP will by night be supervising the bedrooms of the nation, and limiting your freedoms there.

This is disconcerting. Consider for example Todd Akin’s stunning comments on rape and abortion made as though everyone in America agrees with Dark Ages science and social mores. What is so amazing to me is that none of this was touched upon at the RNC last week. It was just an attitude of “We got women too ya know! Look around the convention center – you see them everywhere! We even got a few up on stage. They know their place. We respect and love them, at least the ones that legitimately behave.”

It seems the GOP thinks its acronym stands for God’s Own Party. The Party is not even thinking about changing its views on rape and abortion. Instead, its leadership is trying to cut its exposure – Todd Akin; just “abort” him if you will. Karl Rove, always pushing the envelope, is offering to do worse. And Mitt’s modus operandi is to not talk about it until after the election! Just like his plan for pretty much everything else. Who really knows what he thinks, and since he is not saying, it can’t be good. If necessary, I guess the fall back is to lie in the interest of the greater narrative.

The Republicans in this era are looking to shackle people with bad policies. You know! Have them die sooner and younger with Dark Ages religious ideology, and with poor social policies including “for profit” rather than “for life” health care. Especially older people and anyone that is “needy” or “weak”. Republicans seem to believe the weaker, the older, the poor, the women, the troubled, and so on, should go to Heaven early. God can take care of them. Too expensive here. Gets in the way of tax reductions, wealth accumulation, and the superiority of the w(h)ealthy class.

Mitt’s rallying cry is “Let’s take the Presidency” and “Let’s take the country back”. Well they belong to the American people Mitt and frankly, I am not aware anyone else has taken them.

But you can bet that Mitt and the GOP will indeed take the country back. Way back! Back to before womens’ rights. Back to before human rights. All the way back! To cave man days and to your early grave.

This is the new Republican vision for the greatest nation on earth! One that is too poor to care for its old, too heartless to care for its weak, too biased to treat women as equal and free to choose, and too self righteous and “Godly” to actually do any good.

This is not a platform, it is a tragedy.

Post Script: If Romney became President, look for his hundreds of millions to turn into billions in his so called “blind trust”. Indeed, it is more like a one eyed trust. He gets to look in and call the shots on his money, while his money can’t be seen. Tax return disclosure? Any disclosure? Not on your life!;contentBody