About the Author

I am a Canadian and have always had a keen interest in US and world politics. I have a great deal of overseas travel experience and have done business in many different countries.

For many decades I have watched events in America, since when I first became aware, as a young boy, of their importance. I still vividly recall watching on our black and white TV, the coverage of the assassination of JFK. I knew it was tremendously important, but I didn’t understand why at the time. When I saw the same thing happen to Bobby Kennedy, I resolved to learn.

In the past couple of decades, I have become increasingly concerned with the way American politics has, in my view, been at cross purposes with progress in America. It is affecting not only her well being, but also the well being of other nations. The global community.

Indeed in some ways,I feel that America’s current trench warfare politics is at odds with her fundamental principles of democracy, honesty and transparency. America’s health and well being, in a notional as well as literal sense, is important to her and also to the rest of the world. If she is not well, then other nations suffer with her.

I am not a particular fan of the right or the left. I am a fan of what I think is right. My personal views are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I mean conservative in the true sense, not Conservative and similarly I mean social as in society, not socialism as has been bandied about by partisans as a four letter word linked to communist totalitarian regimes.

I think America needs strong and progressive leadership. One with the courage to execute its strength in an intelligent and savvy way at home and abroad. A morally exemplary way yet, of course, one that reflects America’s interests. Right now, I believe she has that kind of leadership, and would like to see it continue.

I am just out here as a pundit, looking to share my views. I look to be fact based, yet am trying to present in what I hope is an entertaining way.

My voice is small in the cacophony of the Internet. However, I am hopeful some may read and be influenced by my opinions.

May God Bless America, as well as the rest of the world.


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