Bear hugs for Obama; Lift off for America come election day?

It is so exciting to see the enthusiasm of Scott Van Duzer, the Pizza Restaurant owner in Miami, for Pres. Obama, as reported by multiple pool reporters. Fantastic! I hope and believe many Americans will have Scott’s level of enthusiasm for Obama on election day.

Americans are now coming to realize it is time; indeed, it is high noon. Americans of all stripes; red and blue stripes, black and white stripes, are best served to strongly unite behind Pres. Obama and his inclusive and progressive program for Americans. All aboard! Prepare for America’s final lift off out of the Great Recession!

Much of the ground work is laid. The crushing fall that started 4 years ago was stopped out in late 2009, some 18 months into Obama’s first term. America’s recovery phase then began. At its outset the pace of recovery was quickly building. However, it slowed in 2011 and 2012, principally because of “right wing” turbulence. and rogue economic waves washing back to American shores from overseas. Such as the well known Euro crisis and the slow downs in China and India.

America is now best served to re-elect Obama with a resounding vote on his clearly spelled out program to lay the foundation for an economy built to last. Americans can ill afford to change course now. They need to resolve to go forward with Obama’s good, practical and sensible plans to rebuild America and put her back to work. Not just to rebuild from the crash, but to build to her full potential, to finally make progress in restoring the American Dream. No squeaker election will get you there. It won’t take you forward, at best it would be a standstill, at worst, it will take you back.

And switching away from Obama makes no sense at this time. America needs to build on the strength and momentum of Obama’s good efforts so far. He will follow through and finish what he has started. In his eyes and in the lines of his face, the greying hairs, the serious demeanor, you can see and feel his steely courage, his mettle and his resolve.

America is best served if she follows through with Obama on his:

  • clear, inclusive program.
  • progressive social policies.
  • long-term vision for a more educated, more competitive workforce.
  • fiscal plans for the deficit and the debt. Plans that are not draconian and will not lead to a more prolonged recession.
  • courageous, measured and intelligent foreign policy.
  • vision to restore the American Dream.

It is in the interest of the large majority of Americans and America at large to re-elect Pres. Obama. It took courage to elect him in the first place, and it will take some courage to re-elect him. Particularly over the brew of visceral emotions and the cacophony of half-truths, one fifth truths and outright falsehoods. Yet, I believe he will be resoundingly re-elected. America needs him.

I have a lot of confidence in the American people. I believe they will give Obama a bear hug in the form of a strong mandate to lift America into a broad recovery and a renewed prosperity that will include you too!




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