Bill Clinton’s DNC speech triggers revisit of “insanity”; Romney believes.

Comments Thursday night by Pres. Bill Clinton in Charlotte, N.C. have triggered a search for a new definition of insanity. Political insanity at least. Indeed, multiple definitions are emerging. Comments made by Pres. Clinton have crystallized the basis for a new definition.

To paraphrase Pres. Clinton, he basically said, Pres. George W. Bush and the Republicans gave Obama a financial and economic Armageddon just days before handing Obama the reigns. Yet now, Gov. Mitt Romney and the Republicans want Americans to fire Obama and hire them back! The logic? Obama is not cleaning up their mess fast enough!

Republicans have long been publicly declaring their visceral dislike of the President. Also, that their prime focus and number one goal is removing Obama from office. This goal’s battle plan includes thwarting all Obama’s economic moves to deliver America to a full recovery and renewed prosperity. It has been noted to Republicans that the shackling of Obama’s efforts, are at the cost of the American people and economy.

No embarrassment or twangs of guilt have been expressed however. Perhaps Republicans feel this cost for Americans is the price of admission to the show they have put on. Indeed they feel it has been an impressive and worthy show. Americans have witnessed challenging, almost magical ideological and verbal contortions. There has been Olympian flip-flopping, double speaking and some mild fibbing.

Obviously, the right thing for the Republicans to do is work with their President in these nearly unprecedented times. Had they done so, I believe many millions of Mitt’s promised jobs could already be counted on the recovery score board. And one of them might already have been yours! Yet, instead of helping Pres. Obama, when he repeatedly asked, they said “You do that! That’s not our job!”

Mitt today was lamenting the August jobs report, which is an increase in jobs, however, as Pres. Obama has said, this is not enough; more must be done. However, as Bill Clinton so eloquently and forcefully explained, in any discussion of the unemployment rate, and job losses, you have to start from America losing 750,000 (yes, 750 thousand – you read that right) jobs per month during the first 18 months of Obama’s term.

By the 19th month, Obama managed to put a floor under the free fall. However, the financial & economic collapse carpet bombed 4.5 million jobs out of the economy. In the 29 months since the floor, Obama’s efforts show consistent, albeit not rapid, recovery. Nearly all those lost jobs are now recovered. This is not a bad thing, even if it is less than desired. And, those jobs originally were not lost by Obama. Mitt and the Republicans don’t believe they were, but they would like you to.

So, what is the new definition of insanity?

  1. Believing Republicans are helping Pres. Obama with getting America’s recovery going?
  2. Believing Republican shape shifting ideology trumps progress through working together?
  3. Believing Obama should own Bush et al’s Armageddon; all 4.5 million bombed out jobs?
  4. Believing Republican propaganda that Obama failed and is the problem; whereas Mitt, and the Republicans, are a solution?
  5. Believing Obama is incompetent because he can’t handle the Armageddon in a timely manner? Republicans are more quickly able to handle their own Armageddon?
  6. Believing Obama is too slow with job creation; because if Republicans can lose jobs at 750 thousand per month, Obama is a lesser being because he is only able to recover them much slower?
  7. Believing you can stock pile thwarted jobs for after an election?
  8. Believing that Mitt Believes in America?
  9. Believing in the Republican’s alternate reality and history. And that that single set of foot prints can only be your own; all as illustrated by the remaining set of footprints at the RNC?

Or is it all of the above? You decide!

I would love to hear if you believe you have a better definition of insanity. Please share it in the comments section below.

If you are grounded in facts and reality, then no matter where in the world you are, when you look up – you will see Obama’s vision, strength and leadership…

Obama believes in America, does Romney? Or is Mitt really just becoming the new definition of “pirate”?

I feel a new opinion piece coming on…… stay tuned…


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