What’s Romney’s vision? The skull & bones?

Personally, I think Gov. Mitt Romney might still be involved in Bain. It is clear he was involved well beyond 1999. He owned the company at least into 2002 sometime, perhaps longer. He took such a huge part of it with him in his eventual “retroactive retirement package”, that he must still have interest in it today. We may never know for sure …

I can’t fathom Mitt’s interest in the Presidency. Its not obvious that he has a real vision for America. The jobs mantra is a no brainer, everyone knows that is what is needed. Mitt assumes the masses can be bought with that one promise. From what I can make of it so far, his interest is more about greater fortunes for him and for his friends and his Church. All at your expense and the expense of the majority of Americans.

Once he and the super wealthy 500 have cornered most of America’s money, they can decide how to trickle a bit of it down. More efficient than everyone having a fair chance for themselves and it can be done in a more morally “correct” manner.

Truth is, Mitt is not the right man for the Presidency. He is not even a business man as he advertises. He is actually a pirate, dressed in a business suit! He started Bain Capital and he led the busting and looting of the treasuries of umpteen hundreds or even thousands of companies. Draining their cash and dumping their humans into the street. And he’s buried all the treasure in the Caribbean. Under the Romney skull and bones, except – them’s your bones!

And then of course, tax piracy tactics. Romney and Bain are the bane of the IRS and the American fiscal situation. If the money is in the Caribbean, it might as well not exist for America. This reflects on Romney’s character in two ways. First, it tells us again how ruthless are his ways achieving his own interests. Second, it tells us he is not a risk taker / job creator and he does not Believe in America. Otherwise, he would share his tax returns to show he paid his full fair share and he would put his money where his mouth is and invest his hundreds of millions in America. Maybe even in GM @ Janesville.

Rep. Paul Ryan is his “Lyin’” ideologist (“idiotologist?”) with the enabling idiotology to do more of this on a much larger scale. His philosophy and policies are, as we all know, based on the fictional works of Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged. These are simply not true; not even possible, but hey – it helps to support the greater narrative! Aside from growing their noses, this will also grow Mitt’s and Ryan’s immense wealth, principally by eating more of America’s lunch. And the GOP will by night be supervising the bedrooms of the nation, and limiting your freedoms there.

This is disconcerting. Consider for example Todd Akin’s stunning comments on rape and abortion made as though everyone in America agrees with Dark Ages science and social mores. What is so amazing to me is that none of this was touched upon at the RNC last week. It was just an attitude of “We got women too ya know! Look around the convention center – you see them everywhere! We even got a few up on stage. They know their place. We respect and love them, at least the ones that legitimately behave.”

It seems the GOP thinks its acronym stands for God’s Own Party. The Party is not even thinking about changing its views on rape and abortion. Instead, its leadership is trying to cut its exposure – Todd Akin; just “abort” him if you will. Karl Rove, always pushing the envelope, is offering to do worse. And Mitt’s modus operandi is to not talk about it until after the election! Just like his plan for pretty much everything else. Who really knows what he thinks, and since he is not saying, it can’t be good. If necessary, I guess the fall back is to lie in the interest of the greater narrative.

The Republicans in this era are looking to shackle people with bad policies. You know! Have them die sooner and younger with Dark Ages religious ideology, and with poor social policies including “for profit” rather than “for life” health care. Especially older people and anyone that is “needy” or “weak”. Republicans seem to believe the weaker, the older, the poor, the women, the troubled, and so on, should go to Heaven early. God can take care of them. Too expensive here. Gets in the way of tax reductions, wealth accumulation, and the superiority of the w(h)ealthy class.

Mitt’s rallying cry is “Let’s take the Presidency” and “Let’s take the country back”. Well they belong to the American people Mitt and frankly, I am not aware anyone else has taken them.

But you can bet that Mitt and the GOP will indeed take the country back. Way back! Back to before womens’ rights. Back to before human rights. All the way back! To cave man days and to your early grave.

This is the new Republican vision for the greatest nation on earth! One that is too poor to care for its old, too heartless to care for its weak, too biased to treat women as equal and free to choose, and too self righteous and “Godly” to actually do any good.

This is not a platform, it is a tragedy.

Post Script: If Romney became President, look for his hundreds of millions to turn into billions in his so called “blind trust”. Indeed, it is more like a one eyed trust. He gets to look in and call the shots on his money, while his money can’t be seen. Tax return disclosure? Any disclosure? Not on your life!




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